Real estate development in the San Francisco Bay Area can be a very successful business venture. Experienced developers know how to manage risk and uncertainty.

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Local Expertise

CITYshapers provides real estate development services in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than 20 years, we have provided expertise in pre-development planning, land use permitting and government affairs. As former regulators, we understand the local regulatory environment, public hearing and review processes.

Will to Win

CITYshapers has a winning track record of securing project approvals and leading projects through the land use entitlement minefield. As a Bay Area start-up, we've never lost our spirit of winning--project success is our passion.

Risk Management

CITYshapers can help you manage the risks and uncertainties of real estate development. Our pre-development methods can identify fatal flaws, dead-ends, and save you time and money. CITYshapers projects get approved.

Team Builders

CITYshapers has been putting together project teams for more than 20 years. We have a reputation for integrity. We have relationships with the Bay Area's best architects, engineers, attorneys, surveyors, and environmental scientists. We have the power to get your projects done.