What goes up, must come down--unless it's Bay Area real estate prices. Real estate brokers and agents can protect their clients and their sales by conducting the zoning and permit due diligence that modern buyers demand.

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Commercial Real Estate

20 Years of Experience

CITYshapers has been investigating, analyzing, interpreting, and correcting permit and zoning issues for more than 20 years. Don’t let a permit or compliance issue surprise you at the last minute. Let us conduct your due diligence, and if we find a problem, we can plan an effective solution.

Zoning and Permit Experts

CITYshapers provides expertise in land use, zoning, permitting and government affairs. We can help brokers and agents with problem solving in a red-hot real estate market.

Real Estate Relationship

Special Services for Real Estate Professionals

CITYshapers has developed a specialized skillset and we can help you with the following services:

  • Historic Permit Research and Analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Zoning and Building Code Compliance
  • Land Use Entitlement Planning
  • Permit Streamlining
  • Change of Use & Occupancy
  • Property Owner Representation
  • Project Advocacy
  • Owner/Builder Permits
  • Community and Neighborhood Outreach
  • Planning & Zoning Process Expertise
  • Conditional Use Applications
  • Special Use Applications
  • Variances Applications
  • Design Review Applications
  • Historic Preservation and Landmark Applications
  • Discretionary Review Applications
  • Zoning Appeal Applications
  • Planning Commissions Applications
  • Zoning Adjustment Board Applications
  • Zoning Clearance Applications
  • Zoning Determination Requests
  • Administrative Use Determinations
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Applications
  • Special Studies