The San Francisco Bay Area is home to world-class restaurants, wineries, shops, and entertainment venues, each carefully regulated by Local agencies. CITYshapers manages the regulatory review, permitting, and licensing process from beginning to end.

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We're Bay Area Experts

CITYshapers has been delivering zoning approvals, use permits, and ABC licenses in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years. We are experts in obtaining conditional use permits, tenant improvement permits, alcohol licensing, and managing the entire process from project inception to the grand opening and beyond.

Winning Track Record

CITYshapers has a winning track record of securing approvals needed to get the doors open and your customers inside. CITYshapers as a Bay Area start-up more than 20 years ago but we've never lost the spirit of winning. Project success is our passion!

We Manage Risk

CITYshapers can help you manage the risks associated with a new restaurant, winery, bar, or food store in the Bay Area. Our process methods can identify fatal flaws, avoid dead-ends and false starts which can save money, time, and effort. CITYshapers services can streamline the permitting process by understanding local land use and permit regulations. CITYshapers projects get approved!

We Build Project Teams

CITYshapers has been putting together project teams for more than 20 years. Successful business ventures often require the input of allied professionals. We have a reputation for integrity. We have long-standing relationships with the Bay Area's best architects, engineers, attorneys, surveyors and others to help you streamline the process and expedite the permit process.