Communities & Neighborhood

The Bay Area is well represented by a variety of neighborhood groups and communities of interest. If you belong to an association, union, organization, or club, you may be affected by a new business or development.

Communities & Neighborhood
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20 Years of Local Experience

CITYshapers provides strategic planning, permitting and government affairs services to neighborhoods and communities of interest. We can give you the tools and information needed to protect your environment, jobs, and interests. CITYshapers can help you fight back and win!

Services for the Community

CITYshapers has been providing services for more than 20 years. Here are some of the most popular services that we offer to neighborhood groups and communities of interest.

  • Planning Appeals
  • Historic Permit Research and Analysis
  • Zoning and Building Code Compliance
  • Appellant Representation
  • Public Hearing Presentations
  • Project Advocacy
  • Planning & Zoning Process Expertise
  • Zoning Determination Requests
  • Administrative Use Determination
  • Special Studies