If you’re a property or homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area--then you need an experienced advocate at City Hall. One that can navigate multiple departments and represent your ownership interests.

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Decades of Bay Area experience and expertise.

With more than 20 years of experience serving property and homeowners in the Bay Area, CITYshapers knows the unique land-use planning, zoning, permit, and compliance challenges associated with ownership.

Insider’s perspective

CITYshapers staff and associates are former municipal regulators, commission members, and long-term residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a "behind the scenes" perspective on the regulatory review and public hearing process. We can give you the kind of insights and information that you need to make effective decisions.

Full-service solutions.

We have an extensive network of the best Bay Area professionals including architects, engineers, surveyors, attorneys, realtors, and contractors dating back to 1988. CITYshapers can lead your project through the regulatory review and compliance process. Our network of technical experts can truly deliver a full-service solution for the most complex property or homeowner issue.

Popular Services

CITYshapers has been providing land use, zoning, permit, and compliance services since 2002. Here are some of our most popular services for property and homeowners:

  • Historic Permit Research and Analysis
  • Zoning and Building Code Compliance
  • Land Use Entitlement Planning
  • Change of Use & Occupancy
  • Property Owner Representation
  • Project Advocacy
  • Building Permit Streamlining
  • Owner/Builder Permits
  • Community and Neighborhood Outreach
  • Planning & Zoning Process Expertise
  • Conditional Use Permit Applications
  • Conditional Use Authorizations
  • Special Use Applications
  • Variances Applications
  • Design Review Applications
  • Historic Preservation and Landmark Applications
  • Discretionary Review Applications
  • Zoning Appeal Applications
  • Planning Commissions Applications
  • Zoning Adjustment Board Applications
  • Zoning Clearance Applications
  • Zoning Determination Requests
  • Administrative Use Determinations
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Applications
  • Special Studies